Public Speaking Tips to Hook any Audience

public speakingAccording to experts, public speaking is one of the most important skills you can have in your life and career. Speaking in public can help in increasing your confidence and shapes the perceptions of others on you when you deliver a good presentation. Despite all the benefits associated with public speaking, many seem to fear it. Data from communication research shows that 80 percent of people get increasingly nervous when it comes to speaking in public. The fact is that most people will be in a situation where they are expected to speak to a crowd and these moments can be very tough for them.

If you are tirelessly trying to kill all the butterflies in your stomach to get a breakthrough in speaking so that people listen to you, we have useful tips you can follow.


Prepare your presentation

The first thing you need is to prepare your presentation. This involves identifying the context of the event, knowing the demographics of the audience and organizing your content. Know the audience you are speaking to and the level of expertise and technicality they possess. You might need to introduce new ideas that challenge what they know, and this means you have to be well equipped with vital data.


Develop a captivating presentation

You need to develop a presentation that will cultivate your audience.  Pick a good topic that and deal with stage fright. Put together the presentation to ensure that it flows well and engages your audience. You need to start strong because the first 30 seconds of your presentation determines if your audience will listen to you or not. You can start your speech with an anecdote, use an analogy or use a memorable quote. Use storytelling techniques and visual aids effectively.

Overcome stage fright

Your heart may be pounding profusely moments before your speech, in anticipation for what is about to happen. You step on the podium and all eyes are on you. The pressure may become overwhelming to make you freeze. You need to embrace anxiety and consequently control it. There will always be those butterflies inside your stomach leading up to your presentation. The key to delivering is first knowing how to control your breathing and deal with stage fright.

Additionally, you need to conversational and authentic. Speak directly to the audience in a manner they can understand. Keep content at your fingerprints as this helps in reducing anxiety. Mouth your words when rehearsing and deliver an excellent speech.

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