Mental Tricks to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public speakingThe words ‘public speaking‘ causes anxiety and fear in the minds of otherwise confident and competent people. To some, the thought of speaking in public evokes fear making many people sweat and get their hearts pounding. When you step up to the podium, you most likely position yourself as an expert in a certain area of business. The fear of speaking in public is known as glossophobia. In most cases, this anxiety happens long even before you step to the public and stand on stage.

As a normal response, your body’s defense mechanism acts by causing a part of your brain to discharge adrenaline rush into your bloodstream. This is the same chemical that gets released in a life-threatening situation such as being chased by a lion.  There is step by step tips you can do to reduce and overcome the fear of public speaking.


Prepare mentally and physically

You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. According to psychologists, we are building to display anxiety as well as recognizing it in others. If you experience anxiety in your body and mind, your audience will definitely notice it. It is very important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically and be confident on stage. If you hit the stage and you lack the vital points to support your speech, you will most likely be anxious.


Warming up

warm upIf you are nervous, there is a very high probability that you shall feel the same way while on the state. You need to exercise lightly before a presentation as this helps to get your blood circulating and also sends oxygen to the brain. Mental exercises are very important as they help in calming your mind and nerves. Try practicing neck and shoulder roll. This is an exercise that helps in relieving your upper body muscle tension and pressure. It loosens the muscles and makes you more relaxed. You can also try arm stretching and waist twists. It is also very important for you to stay hydrated.



Mediation is well known for its power to calm the mind. Meditation can help humans to stay significantly calmer. It acts like a mental workout giving you the strength and focus to deal with a challenging situation. It filters out negativity and distractions from your body and instills a sense of confidence and encouragement. Mindful meditation is particularly powerful in calming yourself before you hit upon a big stage. All you need is to sit calmly and focus on breathing and bringing the attention of your mind to the present.


Focus on your goals

One thing that affects people while on stage is focusing too much on themselves and thinking about the possibilities of failure. What you need to focus on instead is the subject and topic you will be discussing with the audience. You need to convert all the negative energies into positives. Understand your content and understand your audience as well. Do not try to memorize what to talk to the audience, but rather understand the foundational blocks that form the skeleton of your topic.

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