How to Hire for Your Customer Support Team

When you are starting a business such as tow truck, you want to ensure your hiring is on point and every talent you bring on board is best for business. If your business is growing, you want to ensure you work hand in hand to scale your support to ensure you can give your customers the best service. If you are in the early or mid-stage of your growth, it is important you develop a good understanding of how to scale your business in terms of support.

Who to hire for customer support

One question every business person asks is who to hire for their business. You need to make a sure guess and decision on the best person who would suit your business. Customer support teams often consist of employees with different backgrounds and each of them comes with unique skills to the team. Their specializations may greatly differ, but there would be some common characteristics that all of them would share.

If you are looking for who to hire for your customer support, here are some key things to consider.


If you work in customer support, your job will majorly involve solving problems for your customers. As long as you have to deal with customers, you can’t avoid problems facing them. You will be tasked with finding a solution to the problems your customers are facing. Successful support representatives are excellent in problem-solving. Even when they don’t know how to address a particular issue beforehand, they will always go above board to seek solutions through research.


Customer support is and will always be a reactionary function. This means the best people in customer support are quite flexible and can be adaptable to various challenges facing them. Even if two customers are facing the same problem, and adaptable support representative knows that the two cases are not the same and will work on finding different solutions to each of those problems.


We all know customer support can be quite frustrating. After all, your key job is to look for answers that may not exist. Additionally, you will work on appeasing a customer who is waiting intently fora solution. Customer support reps need to be tenacious and determined to overcome various challenges customers might be facing. If you are so easy to be put off by failures, you will find a lot of struggles in finding creative solutions to deal with customers.

When hiring for customer support teams there are different people you should bring on board. Get onboard a customer support rep as this is one of the most influential roles in the support team. These types of employees will be on your front line fielding phone calls and speaking directly with customers. You will also need to have a customer support manager who will be responsible for overseeing the entire process and supporting your team. You will also need to have a customer support specialist who has expertise in specific areas of your products and services and business.

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