How to be More Presentable

While out there with friends or with partners, what image do you portray? Personally, when out handling towing service clients, I do all it takes to look good and offer the best services to leave a good first impression. It is very easy to transform your responsibilities, position and even title to something better, by focusing on being more presentable in everything you do. If is easy to have a complete transformation over yourself by following these steps.


You need to give yourself an instant promotion. This promotion starts from the mind. Ask yourself, if you were one or two levels above your current one, what would you eat, wear, drive or read? Where would you hang out? Assume you are already on that level and do what you would have done where you at that level. Dress and act as if you are at that level already. This is the kind of instant promotion you need.

Upgrade your accessories

Upgrading your accessories doesn’t have to be rocket science. First, ensure that you use a nice pen, carry a nice briefcase and other accessories. When you have to write something, write it down on a professional note pad. If you are using a cell phone, ensure that it is enclosed on a nice case. The bottom line here is to look so organized and presentable. Wear socks that much with your attire and shoes that match with your belt.

Exercise Regularly

exerciseThe key to looking good and more presentable lies on what you eat and the type of exercises you do. You might be doing everything right when it comes to grooming, but not unless you are taking a good care of your body, your efforts will always be lacking. The first step to taking a good care of your body involves eating clean. Next, you must incorporate exercise in your daily regime. This means spending at least 30 minutes every early morning to start your day energized.

Seek more knowledge

This is the last and the most important factor you need to include in your program to look presentable. Now that you are eating right, sleeping the recommended number of hours, drinking a lot of water and wearing good clothes, the next aspect involves what you speak in front of people. To be able to hold meaningful conversations with others, you must be able to read a lot on different issues in life, so that you don’t lack something to say when expected to speak.


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