Ways Technology is Affecting the Future of Customer Service

Whenever a new technology comes up, there is always a lot of buzz and excitement around it. Such is the case for technologies that affect customer service and support. There has been a lot of advances in video, messaging, artificial intelligence, chatbots among others. Roofing Companies in Fredericksburg are now heavily relying on technology to offer better customer service.

The service technology field of business has seen advances in technology. There is software that assists customer service teams in achieving customer success. These tools are very important in improving workflow efficiency and making it easier for companies to provide effective and efficient solutions for their customers. However, with new technology comes new challenges as well. There is always a steep learning curve when it comes to learning how to use and adapt to new technologies. It can be very costly for businesses to implement different technologies for business.


Here are some of the ways technology is changing customer service.

Increase in the face to face video communication

We all know eye contact improves relationships and facilitates openness. Video continues to be important in the growing expectations of consumers. It proves to be a viable business tool for highlighting what businesses do. If you are not using video, you are missing out. You need to start using video to promote your products and services, and schedule meetings with your customers.


Omnichannel service experience

Customers are not only interacting with your business in brick and mortar stores. Today, with the advent of social media, and eCommerce websites, customers can now engage with your company through different digital platforms. The increased accessibility drives the need for better omnichannel experiences. Ensure the experience you offer to your customers, both online and offline is seamless and makes it easy for them to make decisions.


Real-time messaging

Ream time messaging is outpacing email. That is not to mean email is dead, but it means customers now expect an instant response to the problems they face. It is now easier to converse with businesses in real-time, using platforms such as messenger, chatbots, and comments on live chats from different social media platforms. You need to up your communication technologies and strategies and allow your customers to communicate with you in real-time.

Increase in Remote working

Remote working is becoming more normal, and businesses are now adjusting and switching their teams to work from home. The future of customer service is pushing both customers and service reps online. Rather than being confined to call centers, service reps are now having more tools to work remotely. They field and respond to inquiries from the comfort of their homes, instead of having to work in an office setting. Most service channels can be used outside offices and call centers.

Additionally, bots and AI is helping customer service teams and not replacing them. It is becoming increasingly easy to use AI and collect data to predict customer problems and solve most issues that customers are faced with.