Best Ways to Start a Speech

speechEvery speech or presentation is an opportunity to make an impression. You can use a speech to build credibility, create the right engagement or on the negative; blow the chance to share your story to your audience. At some point in your life, you will have to make a speech. There are different kinds of speech whose intentions vary between informing, persuading, instructing, motivating and entertaining. All these share the same goal; to communicate clearly and in an effective manner to an audience.

But how do you start a speech? What is the best way to go about it to ensure that your audience is wowed and want to listen to the rest of your speech? Let’s find out;


Ways to start a speech

Opening your speech with a relevant quote can help in setting the right tone for the rest of your speech. It usually takes about three weeks to prepare for a good speech.  Another way to go about it is using

‘What if’ scenario. It is a method that is highly applicable to sensational examples. When you ask a what if question, you invite the audience to follow your thought process.

A third way of starting your speech is through using the ‘imagine’ scenario. It is a method that is very relevant for sensational examples. Inputs your audience directly into the presentation by allowing them to visualize and extraordinary setup. Another way of starting your speech is by using the ‘question’ approach. With this approach, you focus on asking a rhetorical or even literal question. When you pose a question to the audience, they will want to follow along to get the answer during your presentation.

Another way of starting a speech is through applying silence. A simple pause, be it two or ten seconds gives your audience the chance to sit and be quiet, ready to listen to you. Most audience normally expects a speaker to begin a speech immediately. An extra pause can do all the wonders in bringing the right attention where it is wanted most.
You can also start a speech by telling a personal story. First, the story should indeed be peculiar. Tell your story and give your observations. It’s always a good idea to make others heroes in your story. Remember your goal is to invigorate people to volunteer their time to listen to you. Try to make your story to be highly emotional and sensory. Make it rich in dialogue. The story should be very specific to the audience and captivating enough to make them want to listen to you.

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